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National Day 02nd Sep 2016 - Free time
Dear     - Shipping lines/agent
             - Cargo owners
In order to give our clients including shipping lines/agent and cargo owners the most convenience during the public holidays, SPCT would like to announce our operation plan in the as follows:
    1. Free time:
Vietnam National Day: Friday – 02nd Sep, 2016.
2.  During these holidays, SPCT remains operations as usual including vessel load and discharge, empty and laden and empty handling at container yard, customs supervising procedure (not documentation).
3.    In order to support shipping lines/agents and customers, SPCT will waive storage charge in our container yard during the above said holidays for all containers, cargo stored in SPCT’s premise on holidays mentioned above.
4.    If customers have further inquiries regarding SPCT’s service or operation, would you please do not hesitate to contact us at the following contact details:
a.      Planning:
Shift Manager: 097.401.2525
b.      Documentation Counter:
c.      Customers Service:
Mobile: 0903 735 950                             - Tel: +(84 8) 3873 4488, ext. 4010
d.      ICD Team/Logistics                            
Email: ops.icd@spct                                - Tel: +(84 8) 37283336
 We hope you fully enjoy the holidays with your families, relatives and friends.

General Director