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Annoucement on the Loading Area for delivery of car at SPCT
No. : / SPCT.17
Date: July 24th 2017
Ref.:  Loading area for delivery of car at SPCT.
Respectfullyto:      - Shippinglines/agents
                               - Cargo owners
First of all, we would like to thank to all of you for your valuable support and cooperation with us in the past years.
Currently, Sai Gon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT) received many negative feedback from Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park and Traffic police regarding customers park imported car outside of the terminal for loading on transporting vehicles. This operation is against the current regulation and law. All vehicle without registered plate number or road permit isn’t allowed to join the road system. In addition, the situation creates poor images, arising safety / security issues of the industrial zones.
For the best condition to the imported car and complying with the recent regulation, SPCT would like to inform to car customers that all loading operation of cars onto transporting vehicles shall be taken place inside of the terminal’s perimeter from August 1st 2017.
We would like to send the layout of loading area as per enclosed to this letter.
Regarding the procedure for loading imported car onto truck, we would like to present our SOP to the customer so the customer can send to the trucking team for their arrangement.  
Appreciate your cooperation and we do hope to receive your continuous supports!
General Director
The SOP shall be applied for loading 2 cars upward on the same truck.
For the safe loading of imported car onto long truck, bellow condition, arrangement and operation must be complied strictly to make sure the safety to assesses and human.
1. Man power and safety suite
+ Man power: driver and assistance must be available during loading process.
+ Safety suite: Safety helmet, safety shoes and safety coat.
2. Transporting vehicle
+ Vehicle must have enough certificate as per legal requirements.
+ Ramp way for roll on/roll off must be available.
+ Vehicle can receive cars within the capacity as per registration.
3. Facilities for lashing
+ Belts and shackle shall be used for lashing only. Without special requirement from the customer, SPCT shall check the quantity and the suitability only.
+ All facilities need relevant certification.
+ 4 sets of belt and shackle is required for lashing each imported car.
4. Loading imported car on long truck:
+ Imported car self-propel on truck at speed limitation of 5km/h. The assistance give the signal to the driver all the time during time of roll on/roll off.
+ Right after parking on truck, lashing shall be done immediately with enough quantity of lashing belts.