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Connectivity - Cold store cluster and reefer logistics
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How to reach SPCT from different catchment area
Cold store cluster and reefer logistics
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  • SPCT is the favored terminal for shipping reefer products,  targeting  the Mekong Delta catchment area and is located in the  center of the cold store cluster.
  • SPCT is located in the center of a growing cold store cluster with  Lotte Sea Logistics (40,000sqm) and Anpha AG (20,000 sqm)  operational in 4th quarter 2009 and other projects will be carried  out soon including Swire Cold Storage (20,000sqm), Hung  Vuong Corp. (40,000sqm).

  • Together with SPCT and carriers,  reefer shippers can enjoy  preferred logistics solutions:
  • Stuffing of refrigerated containers in designated yard area.
  • Barges  available with generator packs to move refrigerated  loads between SPCT and Northern ICD’s , and  between  SPCT  - Can Tho ports deep in the Mekong Delta.
  • Direct Delivery of inbound shipments straight to market.
  • SPCT Port has been specifically designed to handle large  quantities of refrigerated loads.
  • 650 reefer plugs and back up power
  • Modern Reefer Container racking system to allow ease of  access for plugging and monitoring.
  • Hand Held computerized monitoring system allowing real  time information availability.
  • Well trained mechanics on 24/7 standby.