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Strong Local Marketing

Being the first container terminal closer to the Mekong Delta and  neighbor provinces which are in rich cargo source for rice/seafood  showing strong growth in recent years,  SPCT is well designed to meet  the service demands:

  • Reefer modern rack system with 650 power plugs 24/7  monitored, reefer stuffing area
  • Neighbor cold stores and food processing in Long Hau IP, Hiep  Phuoc IP, Binh Tan Dist, Binh Chanh Dist.

Contracted barges with reefer plugs from Can Tho to SPCT

Support  to rice with:

  • ICD stuffing or SPCT stuffing
  • Direct barge reception at SPCT

SPCT is in the large potential market:

  • Mekong Delta is a major catchment area for seafood, rice, fruits  and other agricultural products
  • Expanding industrial parks in West, South and Mekong Delta  provide growth for light industrial products

SPCT has satellite marketing office in Can Tho

SPCT has a developed customer database, and will assist carriers with  sales and marketing