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Approaching Channel

Currently, SPCT terminal is constantly accessible via both Long Tau (-8.5m) and Soai Rap channel (chart datum: -9.5m and with high time 12.50 meters).

Therefore, SPCT can serve vessels with a nominal capacity up to 4,500 TEUs and becomes the first deep-water port in Ho Chi Minh, brings more benefits to carriers.

When the second phase is completed to dredge the channel up to chart-datum level of 12.00 meters and/or -15.00 meters with tidal in the future, the vessels up to 80,000-100,000 tons can navigate via Soai Rap to Hiep Phuoc port cluster easily, opens new opportunities to connect Vietnam to global markets 


  • Saving 3-4 hours steaming time to SPCT with 50% less in pilotage  charge, bunker.
  • Double existing vessel size to 50,000DWT / 5,000 teu
  • Allowing Panamax vessels to safely berth 15km from city
  • No LOA or night time restrictions
  • Lower shipping costs compared to Cai Mep ports
  • Lower slot costs due to increase in vessel size for carriers