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Whole Scale



Quay Crane

Phase1: 5 (Panamax)

Phase2: +5 Post Panamax

Total project: 10

Crane manufacturer ZPMC 
Out-reach: 39m (14 container row)
Lifting capacity of 65 tonnes under container spreader
Lifting capacity of 80 tonnes under hook
Can lift two 20-foot containers at a time (twin-lift)
Can handle heavy project cargoes




Phase1: 13

Phase2: +12

Limited CO2 emissions and use 25 percent less fuel
Working in a container yard with capacity of around 16,000 TEU
Be capable of lifting one-over-five container tiers and stacking containers in six  rows.



Reach Stacker


Manufacturer: HYSTER

Model designation: RS 45-31 CHLifting capacity of 40 tonnes


Empty Handler


Manufacturer: HYSTER

Model designation: H22.00XM - 12EC Double on 5 high 8'6''

Lifting capacity of 8 tonnes