Service and value added service
  • Vessel planning
  • Vessel berthing
  • Stevedoring service
  • Mooring/unmooring
  • On-site customs office
  • E-Customs availability connected with TOS
  • Round clock operation

This section features all information needed to prepare your  arrival at SPCT

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Vessels should send ETA 48 hours, 36 hours and 24 hours in advance through  an agent or by telex/fax/e-mail or direct on VHF Ch 16 at  least 4 hours in advance.

The first message should include the following information:

  • LOA
  • Draft
  • NT and GT
  • Cargo distribution details
  • Last port of call
  • Next port of call
  • Vessel's name, flag and port of registry
  • Vessels inward-bound should contact Port Control on  VHF Ch 16 or 2,182 kHz when within range
  • When within the port, vessels shall continously be  listening on VHF Ch 12 and 16

Document Required

Documents in respect to cargo must be provided to the SPCT  authorities at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of vessel, through  the vessel agents. Vessels will not normally be berthed without  receipt all of the above documents.


For advance ETA data Port Control listens on VHF: Ch 16, 12  (24h watch) and 2,182kHz (24h watch).
Tel:                                                Fax:

Health Regulations

International Health regulations apply at Hochiminh City ports

The Port requires the following:

  • 1 Crew List
  • 1 Vaccination List
  • Valid Derat Certificate
  • Last Port Clearance

The use of rat guards on all mooring ropes and wires are  compulsory whilst vessels are alongside. For vessels  without own rat guards it is compulsory to hire such from the  Port.

Customs and Immigration

Customs Officers board the vessels on arrival either in the port  area or at anchorage.

Ships Masters are required to produce the following documents:

  • Crew List
  • Crew's Personal Declaration List
  • Ship's Bonded Store List


Every merchant vessel in port mustfly its national flag and the  national flag of Sultanate of Oman between sunrise and sunset

Notices of Readiness

Upon arrival to be submitted to Harbour Master through agents.

Vessel Insurance

All vessels calling at SPCT should have a valid insurance policy  covering 'Wreck Removal' and 'Third Party' liability. Vessels  failing to produce correct insurance documents or  having insufficient cover may be denied entry.

Transshiped cargo via SPCT from other countries

Transshipment procedure consists of: 

1 / Transit goods declaration (forms declaration from customs online)

2 / The cargo manifest

3/  Commercial contract

4/  Bill of Lading

5/  Transshiped permit (if any)

Customs Clearance
Các vấn đề cần lưu ý khi khai báo trên hệ thống VNACCS/VCIS
  •  Nhập khẩu :
  • Mã lưu kho hàng hóa chờ thông quan.

Hàng FCL/ CY cont ( địa điểm chờ thông quan dự kiến): 02CVS01

Hàng lẻ, rời lưu kho ngoại quan: 02CVW01

Mã chi cục hải quan: 02CV

Mã địa điểm dỡ hàng: VNSPC

Mã Cảng: C059

         Xuất khẩu:

- Mã cơ quan Hải quan: 02CV

- Mã địa điểm lưu kho: 02CVRCV

- Mã địa điểm xếp hàng: VNSPC

Standard Trading Terms
“Terminal” means the SPCT and any land thereon or adjacent thereto leased or otherwise occupied by SPCT for the purposes of the Services.
“Customer” means any person to whom or on behalf of whom SPCT provides any service whatsoever and any person using or entering upon the Terminal or using the Services or facilities thereof.
“Goods” means any cargo of whatever nature.
5. V.A.T
Value Added Tax. In the present tariff, all prices are expressed exclusive of VAT. VAT will be applied on the mentioned prices when applicable and at the applicable rate.
The terms “Container” or “Containerized” when used in this Tariff refer to the standard ISO Containers (20/40/45/etc…), suitable for stacking and transportation of dry, liquid gas or refrigerated Cargo, constructed of metal, fiberglass, plastic or wood, which confines its contents and must be capable of being handled as a unit and lifted by a crane with a Container spreader.